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The Best Balms Corporation has expanded it's territory to include Europe, Canada and South America
which has prompted us to rename our specialty balm company which is now known as, Best Balms International Corporation. With our new licensing agreements in place we will be able to service a world wide customer base more efficiently.
All our products have also been upgraded with stronger formulations to give our customers more health benefits. We still have maintained our free shipping policy despite the rising costs of mailing packages through the US Postal Service and will continue to do so through 2014.
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After launching our company almost six years ago the Best Balms International Corporation has established itself as the best specialty balm corporation in the United States and it is our desire to be the best in the world in the future. We owe our success to all our loyal customers who have tried our all natural specialty balms and continue to do so. Free Shipping is still out policy for every purchase of any of our products!
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Best Balms International Corporation